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Probation Violation Attorney in Miami and Jacksonville, FL

Violation of probation, or VOP, is considered a serious offense in Miami and Jacksonville, FL. If you were on probation after pleading guilty or no contest to a crime and are found guilty of willfully violating that probation, you could face the exact same charges you did in the initial criminal case.

If you’ve been charged with VOP, you need a skilled lawyer to represent you in court. With these cases, you don’t have the right to trial by jury, and the prosecution doesn’t have to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt—they only have to prove that you willfully and substantially violated your probation. Without a lawyer, the chances that you’ll be found guilty are very high.

Once you’re charged with violating the terms of your probation, get in touch with our probation violation attorney in Jacksonville, FL as soon as possible. We also have an office in Miami, FL to better meet our clients’ needs.

What Counts As Probation Violation?

You can be charged with violating your probation if you fail to meet any of the terms set when you were released. For instance, if you were charged with domestic violence, you might be required to attend domestic violence–related courses and pay a fine. If you fail to pay or to show up for your course, you can be charged with VOP.

Once charged with probation violation, you’ll face the same charges you did in your court case. If you were charged with a third-degree felony that included a five-year prison sentence, you can end up serving those five years without probation.

A probation violation attorney can ensure your rights are upheld in court. Since the prosecution only needs to meet the minimum standard of proof, you need an aggressive defense team.

At the Law Offices of Alyson L. Sommers, P.A., we fight to help you avoid jail time and reinstate your probation.

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